Top Gun Range Accessories You Need Right Now

Top Gun Range Accessories You Need Right Now

Going to the gun range can be a great way to spend your leisure time, train for self-defense, or even spend time with friends and family. If you are ready to take your shooting to the next level then you need the ultimate gun range accessories! Whether you are looking to improve your shooting fundamentals or just have more fun, these gun range accessories are perfect for just about anyone!


Here are the top gun range accessories you need!


  1. Holster
  2. Ear Protection & Eye Protection
  3. Extra clips or extended clips
  4. Cleaning kit and ammo bag
  5. Tripod




A holster is essential for any pistol or small firearm that you own. Not only will a hostler or gun case keep your gun secured, but you can practice drawing your firearm from concealed carry. This means you can be ready when you need to keep your home secure.


Holsters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You may choose to wear a sling holster or one below the belt. Either way, practice is what’s most important. Make sure before you visit a gun range that you are allowed to bring a holster. Some require that you only bring your gun in a locked case while transporting. However, a holster is one of those gun range accessories that you can use almost anywhere. Whether you want to use it at the range or grocery store, it’s a necessity.


Ear protection & Eye protection


While on the gun range you won’t be the only one who’s firing bullets. Odds are you’ll be shooting while multiple other people are firing as well. Although some may not see it as necessary, ear protection is a hallmark of any prudent gun owner. Without ear protection, most ranges won’t even let you in the door. Most gun ranges are so loud that it can cause serious ear damage. Don’t waste your hearing while you’re young! Protect your ears with these classic gun range accessories.


Eye protection may seem like an afterthought for some, but it’s still very important. Often while shooting, a shell may fly back and hit you. While the casing may be hot but fall quickly, you don’t want to take the chance of exposing your eyes. A pair of thick sunglasses or safety glasses should work well for most cases.


Extra clips or extended clips


These gun range accessories serve two purposes. One, you’ll streamline your stay at the gun range and not have to reload as often. Who doesn’t love that? Two, you can use extended magazines in a real-world situation. Not only is it fun to shoot more, but you are also training to use them in emergency circumstances.


Cleaning kit and ammo bag


Probably one of the more underrated gun range accessories that you could own, a bag for all of your gun gear is vital. You can carry ammo, extended clips, and a cleaning kit.


Why bring up a cleaning kit? Well, you’re most likely going to be doing most of your shooting at a gun range. Since you already have time dedicated to shooting, you might as well clean the guns. Not only will it be a safe environment to clean your gun, but you can ask for expert advice.


Keep all of this and more in your gun bag so you can be ready to hit the range at a moment’s notice.




For those serious shooters who like shooting long-range, a tripod is a must! A tripod can improve your accuracy and install good shooting fundamentals. Tripods come in various designs and sizes so you can customize your gun to your liking. This can bring a whole new dynamic to your shooting and make shooting more fun with certain guns. It also makes a lot of small gun shooting techniques easier.

Think you need any of these items? Then come to the Guardian Arms store and we can help you select the right gun range accessories. If you are trying to find the right range for you, we’ve got you covered there too. Contact us today to get all of your gun accessories and advice from our trained experts.

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