The 5 Best Guns For Women

The 5 Best Guns For Women

Looking to buy your first gun? Sometimes, when shopping alone or with their partner, women can feel afraid or nervous about buying a gun. In a way, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous. Even the best guns for women are powerful tools that carry a lot of responsibility. However, like any other tool, the more practice you have the more effective you become with it. Essentially, if you are a first-time buyer and a woman you don’t need to feel insecure about not knowing a great deal about guns. Rather, see it as an opportunity to learn a new skill. Do your research and make the best choice for you. Here are some starter options for the best guns for women, but let’s start by tearing down some misconceptions.


Misconceptions about the best guns for women


  • What is the gun going to be used for?


Oftentimes, new owners plan on buying guns for self-defense. Except, self-defense looks different to every person. Are you buying this gun to conceal carry? Are you buying this gun for home defense? How often do you want to clean your gun? Are you willing to learn the components of a gun? These are all factors to consider when purchasing any gun, regardless of sex. Keep that in mind while doing your research. If you are looking for that first gun that can be your home defense and conceal carry, then a pistol is the correct choice for you. Also, CCW laws (concealed carry) vary from state to state so make sure you know the laws in your state. Make sure to have a proper holster on you at all times.


  • A smaller gun means less recoil


Although a small gun may look less intimidating, they often become a more powerful punch. This is due to the gun having a shorter barrel and less weight. When that small gun fires, the power has to be displaced somewhere, usually in recoil. If you are using a gun for self-defense you will always be balancing size vs. recoil. A larger gun can help you control the “kick” of the gun and give you more control when firing more shots. Again, a larger gun is maybe better for those who are intimidated by the recoil of the gun. In addition, a larger gun allows you to have a better grip which helps you reduce the recoil. In an emergency situation that grip can keep you locked onto your target.


  • You don’t need to test a gun in person


It may be tempting to order a gun online without ever actually holding it. However, if you are a new gun owner, we do not endorse this. The best gun for you will be the one you feel most comfortable with. That means you need to make sure you can firmly grip the gun, handle the recoil, rack the slide, etc. You can test multiple guns at a shooting range or join a pistol gun club for new beginners.


For the purposes of this article, we are going to be operating under the assumption that you need a gun for self and home defense purposes. You want to conceal carry this gun, and have your gun be relatively easy to shoot. Without further ado, here are the 5 best guns for women.


Glock 43


Based on over 4000 surveys taken by The Well Armed Women, the Glock 43 ranks at the top for its reliability and stopping power of 9mm. A favorite of law enforcement, the Glock brand is synonymous with utility and simple design. It carries seven rounds fully chambered and gives little recoil. If you were to buy only one gun for the rest of your life, this is it. In addition, this gun is fairly easy to clean and great for new gun owners. The downside to this gun is that it is not as compact as some others on the list, and you may have to carry it in your purse. Make no mistake, it’s one of the best guns for women.


Sig P365


Looking for a gun that you can wear with almost any outfit? The Sig P365 gives you ten rounds to defend yourself with (there are extended clips you can buy as well) and is much more compact than the Glock. The added weight helps negate some of the recoils, although it does still have a kick. GunDigest also recommends the Sig P365 as one of the best guns for women because it’s easy to keep clean and maintain. It is also 9mm.


Mossberg MC1-sc


Relatively new, the Mossberg MC1-sc is still a force to be reckoned with. A 9mm with clear magazines, this gun has a nice grip that feels latched to your fingers. It is heavier than the Glock 43 but is still more compact. Users report feeling that the gun sits well in their hands. Mossberg has made a name for themselves with their shotguns, and they’ve doubled down on that quality with this pistol. It can hold seven rounds and comes with see-through magazines.


Smith & Wesson MP Shield


Found on about every home defense list, this pistol comes from a brand known throughout America for making firearms. Fully loaded, this gun can carry nine rounds and is a 9mm. Many report low recoil with this gun. It’s a great first buy if you are scared to shoot, but are dedicated to practicing. Not only can it be a good gun to buy for those with weaker hand strength, but it can be a great gun to teach teenagers as well. It is easily concealable and consistently ranked as one of the best guns for women.


Smith & Wesson 340 PD


We included a revolver on this list because of its simplicity. They are fairly easy to clean and upkeep. Also, should a misfire happen, all you need to do is keep pulling the trigger. This gun is not for the faint of heart as it holds .357 rounds, and is compact. If you want ultra-stopping power in a small package this is the gun for you. It also has a ten-pound trigger pull, meaning it takes a lot more force to actually pull the trigger. Neat safety features such as that help protect you from a misfire while concealed carrying.

Wanting to try some of these guns in person? Want to talk to someone about what might be right for you? At Spring Guns and Ammo we have the guns and experts to help you feel safe when you pick up a gun. Contact us today to see about buying your first gun or check out our firing range for practice.

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