New Gun Owners Guide to Owning a Firearm

New Gun Owners Guide to Owning a Firearm

So you’re a new gun owner and just bought your first gun. Congratulations! Now, what do you do? Becoming a new gun owner can be one of the best experiences of your life. You are engaging in a lifelong hobby that not only protects you and your family but can become a source of community and fun. People buy guns for different reasons, but there are general guidelines all new gun owners can follow in order to ensure your love of firearms and protect yourself.


Let’s go over the basics of gun safety laid out by Gunsweek:


  1. All guns are loaded. No matter if you are at home, on a range, or at a competition. Treat all guns, in all situations, as if they are loaded.
  2. Never point your gun at something you do not intend to destroy. This includes your hand and legs. This will take practice to instill so move with care always.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have your sights on the target. Again, this will take practice to achieve in high-stress situations. It is incumbent upon a new gun owner to practice this, especially if they plan on using this gun for self-defense purposes.
  4. Identify your target and know what is behind it.


Here is a video that breaks it down even further:


You carry a lot of responsibility


Many have purchased a new gun thinking only to use it for home defense or to carry it legally. You may have thought, “I’m the only one who will see this gun, and it affects only me.” This just isn’t true. Whether you plan on keeping it locked in a gun safe in your home or carrying it with you, a gun affects everyone that you come into contact with. It is important that you understand that securely storing (in-home or on your body) is of utmost importance. Use a secure holster to properly carry your weapon and prevent a misfire. As a new gun owner, you may feel a sense of power every time you hold that gun. Respect that power. You have a responsibility to do your best to prevent accidents from happening. Also, you have a responsibility to not act carelessly. Aim to be an ambassador of the gun community. Training is going to be your best tool in getting more comfortable with that responsibility.


Know your legal carry laws


New gun owners need to consider the state’s laws surrounding concealed and open carry. Some states are more relaxed than others, and some states disavow open carry laws. You need to do your research before taking your gun anywhere. You also need to research how to inform the police if you have a firearm on you. Don’t be caught breaking the law, as this can result in fines, jail time, or stiff penalties.


Practice, practice, practice


As a new gun owner, your firearm may feel awkward and cumbersome in your hands. This will only ease with practice, so get out to the range and start shooting! Learn how to take your gun apart and put it back together. Learn how to properly look down your sights and invest in some classes to help you with home defense. Doing all these things can help you, should an emergency situation ever arrive. The only way to get better at something is to train at it, and it is absolutely true with guns. Even more so, if you are handling pistols, as they can trip up even some of the most experienced gun owners.


Enjoy your new hobby and join a group


Shooting guns can be fun, like really fun. Joining something like a gun club can help you get better at shooting and have fun with friends. You’ll be exposed to different types of guns and safety techniques to become a better gun owner. Plus, you’ll have a lot of guidance to pull from in making your next gun purchase! Turn your passion into a hobby by joining a community that fits your needs.


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